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Sam Barnes Lifestyle ftm transgender online fitness coach


Sam Barnes Lifestyle ftm transgender online fitness coach

I'm Sam Barnes, online physique coach and personal trainer from the UK.

In 2018 I founded Sam Barnes Lifestyle, on a mission to help as many Transgender individuals around the globe as I possibly could. During this time, I've had the honour of working with some incredible individuals, from the clients I've coached to the educators and fellow professionals I've worked alongside.

I'm able to use my personal journey as a way to relate to each client I work with. I began my transition in 2014, and I know first hand how challenging that process can be. For me, the one consistent part to my life over those years was the gym. I was able to take control of certain parts of my body, and use my time working out to switch off from the world. 

If you're looking to make a positive change, and get in shape with someone who understands, let's chat some more here.

Sam Barnes Lifestyle ftm transgender online fitness coach



• Level 3 Personal Trainer (2018) - Founder of a personal training facility in my home town where I work with regular clients on a 1-2-1 basis.

• Pre-Script Barbell Coach (2020) - Taught under founder Dr. Jordan Shallow D.C.

• Muscle Mentors Exercise Mechanics Two Day Practical Camp (2021)

• Integra Exercise Lab Two Day Practical (2022)

• After 5 years in the industry, I have built up a wide range of knowledge on clients who come from all walks of life. This includes, but is not limited to, people with ASD, ADHD, Diabetes, and PCOS.

• I also use my own personal experience of living with ASD and C-PTSD to help tailor my approach to clients who also have either/ both of those two.

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